A Day in the Life of…The Penn State Blue Band Drum Major

This Homecoming week, we will be bringing you an inside look at the day-to-day of prominent campus figures. Today’s post – Drum Major Ian Kenney. We had Ian write a timeline of his typical weekday, and of course his schedule for a home football game. Photo credits to Ian and PSU Live.

Typical Weekday (Monday, Wednesday, Friday):
9:00am: Wake Up
10:00am-3:30pm: Classes
3:45pm-5:45pm: Blue Band Rehearsal
6:15pm-8:15pm: Workout at the IM Building Gym (1 hour of cardio, 1 hour of strength training/abs)
8:30pm-12:30am: Homework, errands, studying.

Typical Gameday (Noon kick schedule)
5:30am: Wake Up; gather uniform items
6:20am: Drive to morning rehearsal at the Blue Band Building
7:00am: Lead the band through warm-ups at the beginning of rehearsal, followed by a 1-mile jog and 30 minutes of stretching to wake up legs
8:30am: Eat a quick early lunch, get into uniform, hydrate, and continue stretching
9:30am: Step off with the Blue Band to head to the Bryce Jordan Center
10:00am: TailGreat performance at the Jordan Center with the Blue Band and cheerleaders
10:45am: Step off from the Jordan Center to head to Beaver Stadium 11:15am: Change from field shoes to cleats in focus room by the tunnel, hydrate (and get caffeinated!), relax and focus
11:30am: Walk to the field to finish stretches, pump up/greet crowds, do pre-game rituals with percussionists
11:45am: Line up at the back of the end zone
11:50am: Step off for pregame!12:00pm: Conduct the band in the stands, during halftime, and during post-game
4:00pm: March back to the stadium, watch the day’s performances on the projector screens, hang up uniform
4:30pm: My day is done – usually involves a huge dinner and a long nap!


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