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A Day in the Life of…A Penn State Lionette

October 6, 2010

Up next in our “Day in the Life of” series is Penn State Lionette Jenna Dolce! Jenna is a junior studying marketing with minors in international business and information systems management from West Chester, Pa. This is her second year with the Lionettes.

Her schedule on a typical Thursday:
8:30 am – wake up, eat breakfast, shower and get ready for the day
9:30-12:30 – class
12:30 – go home for lunch break
1:30 – go to the gym to lift
2:30 studying in the library
4:45 – early dinner
6:30-9:30 – Lionettes practice
9:45-12 – meetings or more study time in library
12:15am – bed

Typical Home Game Day (12pm kickoff):
7:00am – wake up, eat breakfast, shower
7:40 – get dressed, do hair and make up
8:20 – pack bag for the day
8:30 – go to the Student Bookstore downtown and perform sideline dances outside
8:45 – head up to the BJC
9:10 – meeting with the team in the locker room for stretching
9:30 – run through of all dances
10:00 – Tailgreat performance at the BJC
10:30 – eat lunch
10:50 – walk to Beaver Stadium
11:15 – stretch for the game
11:40 – go onto the field for pregame show and game time!
3:30 – walk home from Beaver Stadium
4:00 – eat a snack and take a long nap!
7:30 – wake up, shower, and dinner
8pm – hang out with friends!

I also asked Jenna a couple of questions relating to her experiences and her thoughts on Homecoming.

Caity: “What’s your favorite part about being a Lionette?”
Jenna: My favorite part of being a Lionette is the huge performance opportunity that it offers. As a team, we perform at roughly ninety campus events every year! I love dancing in front of crowds and providing spirit to fans during sporting events. The girls on the team are another one of the best parts about being a Lionette. We do not have a coach so every girl on the team has a responsibility to movtivate each other and help make each practice a productive one. Being a self-run team has made us become just like a family. Every girl is so genuine, hard-working, and dedicated; that way we are so close to one another.

Caity: “What’s your favorite memory from your time spent with the team?”
Jenna: It is really hard to pick just one memory so I will explain two! My first was the first time I danced on the field as a member of the dance team. We ran on to the field to dance and the Blue Band started playing “Rock and Roll” while the team ran out. The stadium erupted and it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life. I felt so accomplished that I had made the team and was so proud to be a Penn State Dance Team member. My other favorite memory was in April of last year when our Nationals Team traveled to Daytona Beach, Fl. to compete in a national dance competition. Our national’s dance was literally the hardest, most intense, and physically draining dance that I have done in my life. We had been practicing vigorously since October for this and I was so nervous. Penn State went into finals with a fourth place spot and we were hoping to improve. We performed and left everything we had on that floor. Every single girl gave it her all and worked so hard. At the awards ceremony it was announced that we received third place! I started crying immediately because I knew how much time and effort our team put into that dance. The Penn State Dance Team was finally recognized for its talent, and I was so proud.

Caity: “What’s your favorite style of dance?”
Jenna: My two favorite styles of dance are definitely jazz and hip-hop. They are both so expressive, upbeat, and a ton of fun to perform!

Caity: “Do you have any pre-game rituals you do as a team or by yourself before taking the field?”
Jenna: Before every game one of the girls on the team, Melissa, and I always standi n a corner and go over every dance we have for that day in our heads. She really helps me clear my head, focus, and feel totally confident with the dances. Melissa is also really good at calming me down when I fell nervous – I feel nervous before every performance!

Caity: “How long do you practice your short performances for during the games – just the week before or have you been working on a few all year?”
Jenna: We will usually learn a dance we perform out on the field about 1-2 weeks before we actually have to perform it. Over those few weeks we clean every move in the dance so that we are all alike, and practice it probably 3-4 times at every practice. We learn our sideline and pom dances during the summer before our first year on the team. We use the same routines for those every year, with a few updates, because they are coordinated with what the Blue Band plays.

Caity: “And lastly, what is your favorite part of Homecoming?”
Jenna: My favorite part of Homecoming is definitely the parade! The dance team is able to walk in the parade while dancing and performing for the crowd. I love getting everybody pumped up for the game the next day!