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Meet Jeff Fisher!

April 12, 2010

When DJ Ryan, the Penn State Homecoming 2010 Alumni Relations Director, called Jeff Fisher to congratulate him on being picked as this year’s Honorary Grand Marshal he thought it was a prank.

“I feel very honored and humbled to have been picked. Think[ing] about the past people that have done this and that group of people, I never would have dreamed of it. I thought DJ was pulling a prank,” Fisher said.

An honorary grand marshal is a Penn State graduate who is extensively involved with and made contributions to the Penn State community. Fisher’s duties will include riding in a car in the Homecoming parade, attending an ice cream social and generally interacting with students.

Fisher, the marketing and promotions director for Penn State Athletics, was chosen for the position because of his focus on students.

“I wanted [the Executive Committee] to find someone who would drop everything they’re doing if it would make a student’s day better,” Ryan said. “Jeff does a great job. He’s very student-centered, and that’s what we wanted.”

He said his favorite part of the job isn’t working for the teams but interacting with students. Whether it’s helping plan the THON athlete pep-rally  or helping a student get an internship with the athletic department, being there to help a student in need is his favorite thing.

Jeff’s deep community roots are just another reason he was honored as the Honorary Grand Marshal. Jeff’s father Fran was a longtime Penn State Football announcer, and also served as an Associate Athletic Director for several years. His brother Jerry is also in the broadcasting business, serving as the voice for the Lady Lions basketball team.

Fisher himself has a long history at Penn State. Before becoming the Marketing and Promotions Manager, he worked the Penn State football sidelines for 15 years, and then at different positions within the Athletic Department for 5 years.

Jeff expressed how happy he was to get started working with the students and get involved in Homecoming 2010.

Well Mr. Fisher, we can’t wait to start working with you!

-For The Glory