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April 28, 2010

Another academic year is wrapping up here in Happy Valley, bringing about that bittersweet time for students that occurs every May. Underclassmen are ecstatic they are done with studying for exams and doing homework, but depressed they have to go home and work all summer. Seniors meanwhile, are excited (sometimes) to go start a job or internship in the real world, but walking around in a world of despair that they have to leave campus forever.

It’s not hard to imagine why they are sad. Those graduating seniors have spent the last four years of their lives living in and working in the Penn State community, and have accumulated countless memories of their times here that will never be forgotten.

So now we ask our departing classmates to share with us those memories, those stories and joyous times with friends, their trials and tribulations. Post them on our Facebook wall here and share your times with fellow classmates and alumni.  They can be short, sweet, and simple, like Executive Director Matt Peyton’s:

“I would have to say my favorate Penn State Memory would be getting to be in the Homecoming Parade in the snow last year and seeing all of the students, alumni, and community members that braved the weather to come out and support Penn State.”

Or it could look something like Melanie Sessa’s, the Public Relations Street Team Captain:

My favorite memory at Penn State is dancing in THON 2010.  That weekend was the best weekend of my life and I’ll never have another experience like that again.  My THON child was Eric Krushinski, who has been in remission for 7 years.  He’s in fourth grade and loves to play with anything princess and girl related!  After the first 24 hours, Eric came back to the BJC and brought me a rose.  I started to tear up because I was doing this for him, and he just wanted to make me happy.  Eric put a smile on my face that entire weekend and he’s the reason I did it, FTK.

-For The Glory